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Tenerife 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


✈️ BHX to TFS

💰 £60 Return Flight

🛌 £30 A Night


Tenerife 2020

This was my second visit to Tenerife and by far the best. In terms of activity and adventure this was the most fun I've ever had on holiday at the time. I stayed in Puerto De La Cruz (PDLC) having previously stayed there before.


Airport to Puerto De La Cruz

After exiting the airport, I topped up my Titsa bus pass with €20 which is a return fare from the airport to PDLC. This is an absolute bargain as a one-way taxi fare is upwards of €90!

December is always a good time to find cheap tickets to the Canary Islands as it is out of season. Cooler weather, fewer tourists, cheaper flights.

Titsa cards can be purchased from vending machines dotted around the island and are most commonly found in bus terminals. This travel card will only set you back a mere €2 (correct in 2020) making them an extremely cheap way to travel. Buses in Tenerife are timetabled, reliable, clean and are more like an air-conditioned coach compared to what you'd class as a bus in the UK.


Puerto De La Cruz

Located on the north side of the Island, you'll experience more of a typical Canarian environment in Puerto as this is not a typical tourist hotspot. Brimming with locals you'll find that English is not typically spoken on the streets of PDLC. There is a stark comparison between this part of the island and the tourist resorts dotted along the southern coast of Tenerife. PDLC does have a lot to offer, from the quaint shops and eateries to popular attractions such as the botanical gardens and Loro Parque.


Covid 19, (written in 2020, information may be outdated)

New rulings from the Spanish government stipulate that face coverings must be worn in all public locations minus a few small exceptions. Yep, this means whilst walking around outside alone you have to wear a face mask. Can't complain if it keeps us safe right? Remember Tenerife is not England and the police do not play. Don't comply and get fined.

A number of popular locations are closed due to Covid for example Loro Parque; however, they are offering private tours for €100 per person. Despite the new rules put in place many excursions are still continuing provided that social distance measures are upheld. At the time of writing, restaurants are still open for eat-in and takeaway services.

Puerto De la Cruz
Puerto De La Cruz

"Yay or Nay"

👍🏾 I would definitely recommend visiting Tenerife. However, if you're a fan of resorts targeted toward holidaymakers then staying in the South would be favourable. Northern Tenerife has a different charm, it boasts spacious volcanic sand beaches, attractions and an insight into what a true Canarian town is like. If you're on the quest for adventure, there are also a lot of tourist offices scattered along the coastline. I managed to squeeze in a lot of activities during my last trip such as horse riding, paragliding and quad biking. I will certainly revisit again.

Ps I'm not a photographer. Most of these places look better in real life.

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