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Tenerife 2018

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


📍Tenerife - Puerto De la Cruz

✈️BHX to TFS

🛌£100 Return Flight&Hotel


This was one of my first ever solo trips. I remember I was in a bit of a mood one night, so I booked a flight for the following morning... I literally told no one I was flying out which in hindsight is a dumb idea and something I wouldn't advise. Safety first! I packed my backpack and off I went.


Airport to Puerto De La Cruz

To be quite honest I naively booked this trip having no idea where I was even going. I'd never been to the Canary Islands in my life and had not a single clue of where my final destination was.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is located a stone's throw away from the West Coast of Africa.

Puerto De La Cruz is a long Northernly hour's drive from Tenerife South Airport. A Taxi ride will set you back a hefty €90 so I opted to get the bus which was only €14 one way.


First Impressions

I fell in love with Puerto's rustic charm as soon as I arrived. The streets were colourful. Music played from the local restaurants. The sound of the waves crashing against boulders could be heard faintly in the distance. I'm an early bird so I deliberately chose a 6am flight with the intentions of making the most of my day. I checked in at my hotel, which has sadly closed down now due to covid 19, and then commenced exploring.



I didn't really have any structured plans of what I wanted to do on this trip, so I took to the streets and began wandering around. After walking through the town square, Plaza del Charco, I began to notice beautiful murals plastered across the walls of many buildings, I'm a big fan of street art so this was quite enjoyable.


Loro Parque

During one of my walks, I discovered Loro Parque, which is the biggest zoo I've seen in my life. I am a bit sceptical of visiting zoos but as long as the animals are well looked after I feel at ease.

A ticket to Loro Parque will roughly set you back about €30 but it is well worth the money.

I spent about 3 hours exploring the park as there was so much to see. From flamingos to white tigers and penguins there was a great assortment of creatures.

Loro Parque translates to Parrot Park if my rusty Spanish is reliable. Truly, that place was filled with birds. It got to the point where I was tired of seeing so many parrots and started to breeze through the numerous enclosures. I would definitely recommend visiting when you are on the island as it's an experience you won't forget.

"Yay or Nay"

👍🏾Tenerife is always a good choice for good weather. There is lots to do on the island in general. If you're searching for sun, fun and more of a younger crowd definitely stay in one of the resorts South of the island. If you're looking for more of a quiet trip, then Puerto De La Cruz is the place for you.

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