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Scuba Diving

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

📍Turkey - Konyaaltı

🎟 €25

😱 3/10 Scareometer


Scuba Diving

When I visited Turkey, I wanted to do something fun, something memorable. Initially I was looking into a hot air balloon ride but unfortunately did not have enough time remaining on my trip. I visited a local tour company office and booked scuba diving for the next day. This set me back €25 after some gentle haggling.


Preparing For Your Dive

  1. Bring cream with you. This point has to be number one as when I emerged from the sea my skin was so grey it was glistening.

  2. Remember to breathe - Don't hold your breath.

  3. Oxygen tanks are heavy - Just be prepared to swim with what feels like the weight of a baby whale on your back.

  4. A thumbs up signal waving upwards means you'd like to return to the surface of the water. (Initially I kept doing this to tell the instructor I was having fun which caused unnecessary problems😂)👍🏾

  5. An "okay" hand signal means that you're currently feeling fine in the water. 👌🏾


Journey to the Harbour

I travelled by car from Side, Antalya to Konyaalti. This is actually a really funny story but not one of my brightest moments in life, so I shall save that for another day. Anyway, we arrived at the harbour after a long drive and proceeded on to the boat.


The Dive

Diving was such a cool experience. I know how to swim but I rarely swim that far out into the sea, as I know my capabilities. The breathing techniques took a while to get used to but once you do get the hang of it, you'll enjoy the dive. I did manage to see quite a few cute little fish, but they mostly swam away so didn't capture any footage of them.


"Yay or Nay"

👍🏾 Not scary in the slightest. I don't think you even need to know how to swim to be quite honest with you. Don't take my word for it though. I will, say trying to float and pose for pics is very difficult, hence the awkward angles. I do look like I'm drowning in some of the videos, but I'm not I promise. I would definitely do it again. I intend to get my diving license in the very near future.


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