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Quad Biking

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

📍Tenerife - Mount Teide

🎟 €50

⏰ 2 Hours give or take

😱 15/10 Scareometer


Quad Biking

I booked this excursion through the same tourist office that I had used throughout my trip in Tenerife. I was picked up from my hotel then went for a short drive up the mountains to the quad bikes.

In most countries you need to hold a valid driving license in order to use Quad Bikes on public roads.


The Experience

Where do I even start? 😂. So, this all began in a courtyard where the instructor told us to practice using the quads, testing the breaks, controls etc. A horror story unfolded. That isn't quite my story to tell though so let's save that for another day.

So we left the courtyard and drove on a few main roads before the treacherous drive to the dirt tracks. We drove uphill on steep winding paths. I didn't realise beforehand, but we were actually driving up a whole mountain. At times like this, you just have to appreciate the UK because things like this would never happen.

So anyway, we've been driving around for a bit, might I add this dirt track is on the edge of a cliff! When I say cliff, I mean the edge of a whole mountain. As in no barriers. As in you drive too fast you die. I don't know why this scared me so much, but I was nervous. Time passes now we've gone uphill, it's now time to turn back, and return to the courtyard.

Tell me why I'm now travelling downhill at the speed of light but the brakes are not braking!

I can literally still picture this in my head, I think I'm traumatised😂 . When I tell you I was squeezing the brakes yelling at the instructor and his response was "press the brakes". Ah yes because I was just flying down this mountain for fun. I was literally headed toward the edge of this cliff but somehow managed to steer just in time.

One thing that's annoying about some people you encounter abroad is their laid back attitude. (I know us Londoners are always in a hurry.) I'm here panicking like I'm about to die and the instructor is all smiling like don't worry. I was fuming. Do you know how I know was scared? I don't have one ounce of footage from this. I film everything.

"Yay or Nay"

👎🏾 No, Nope, Never. I will keep it absolutely real with you. The only how I would ever go quad biking up a mountain again was if you paid me. I felt more relaxed paragliding at how many thousands of feet up in the air. Top 5 scariest excursions I've ever been on. If you value your life remain on level ground. Disclaimer I have nothing but respect for the tour company, I generally loved all the other excursions I booked with them. Quad biking? BIG NOOOO from me.

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