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Must Have Travel Documents

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Before jetting off to any destination I always make sure I've packed a few essential travel documents. For peace of mind, I always carry paper copies of the most important ones just in case my phone suddenly dies (God forbid).


1. A Photocopy of your passport

I always ensure I have a laminated photocopy of the picture page of my passport whenever I'm planning to take a trip abroad. You could keep this hidden in your hotel safe or elsewhere in the room. I'm a bit over-cautious when travelling solo, but it puts my mind at ease to know that if I were to lose my physical passport, I'd have a paper copy to help me get back home a lot easier.


2. Travel Insurance

This is definitely one of those things you think you don't need until you don't have it. 🙃. Literally, the one time I forgot to buy travel insurance was the first time the airline decided to lose my luggage for 5 days 🙃🙃🙃🙃. So absolutely make sure you purchase this before travelling and check what exactly this covers. I'll also make sure that I have a paper copy of the important pages packed, not usually all of them though as those policies are longer than a phone directory.


3. Boarding Cards & Flight Information

Call me paranoid but this dead battery fear always gets me 😂. Printed boarding cards can be scanned at airports so make sure you pack a backup just in case. This will save you a lot of money in a worst-case scenario as some airlines will charge you an extortionate fee just to print one small, small piece of paper if you have misplaced your own.


4. Hotel Reservations

Just in case you get lost in translation a printed hotel reservation can be used to direct taxi drivers. If you're travelling on foot, it’s also safer to look at paper rather than whipping your phone out in public. Do use caution, don't be looking like one lost tourist with some big paper map.


5. Covid Tests + entry documents

Always check entry requirements for your destination before setting off on your travels. To enter some countries you may need a visa, passenger locater form or some form of covid test. Have copies of all of these on your phone and printed out just incase.

You will not even be allowed to board the plane in some instances without these documents so make sure you are prepared.


6. FYI

To save space in your backpack and trees make sure to print double-sided. Only print the stuff you need. Resize your copies to fit multiple documents on one page,

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