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Monkey Park

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


📍Tenerife - Los Cristianos

🎟 €10


Getting to Monkey Park

Tenerife Zoo - Monkey Park can be found in Los Cristianos, Southern Tenerife. You can get here by walking from Los Cristianos (20mins) or a short taxi ride from TFS airport. This makes Monkey Park an ideal visit when killing time before your flight. Entrance to the park is only €10 which is very good value for the experience


What's inside?

The park itself is relatively small, nevertheless, it contains a wide variety of animals. You can find crocodiles, parrots, guinea pigs and a vast number of monkeys. Once I entered the park, I didn't really have many expectations.

I stepped into the first enclosure and I was absolutely HORRIFIED to discover there were hundreds of guinea pigs roaming free🤢🤮. I'm terrified of mice and I'm sorry guinea pigs must be their cousins. The way they just scurry about unnerves me. Anyway, on a lighter note, there were lots of little squirrel monkeys and lemurs casually chilling in a walk-in enclosure.


Feeding the Animals

Upon entering Monkey Park, you are able to purchase food to feed the animals for a few euros. You are also advised if you have food in your bag to keep it securely fastened away. Listen to this advice. A monkey stole my toothbrush.

I was truly amazed that I was even allowed to walk into an enclosure with monkeys let alone feed them. All for €10? Bargain. The squirrel monkeys were so lovely and gentle. You put a piece of food in your hand and they climb on you to politely retrieve it. They had such soft little hands. The lemurs were not so friendly. They were not very interested in my little box of snacks however perked up when I fed them some the of the plant given to me by one of the zookeepers.


"Yay or Nay"

👍🏾 I would absolutely recommend visiting Monkey Park as for the price you can't go wrong. I doubt you'll find an experience at this price point anywhere else. The other animals in the park were actually a blur but feeding the monkeys was amazing. 10/10 experience.


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