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5 Reasons To Travel Solo

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

1. Try Something New

For most people solo travel sounds "scary" or "weird." Although the thought of being in a foreign land alone does sound a bit daunting, it's really not as bad as you'd think. To me, it's the equivalent of going to a shopping centre by yourself or walking alone. If you can do it in the UK why can't you do it somewhere else? Throwing yourself out of your comfort zone can be rewarding, allowing you to see just what you're capable of.


2. Create A Travel Itinerary centred Around You

There's nothing worse than going on holiday with people who have different sleeping schedules to you or extremely different interests, (Respectfully). You may want to explore the town at 9am, they may want to lounge by the pool until noon. Dilemma!

Travelling alone allows you to design your trip completely orientated around your personal interests, down to the smallest of details. Sounds a bit selfish but imagine ticking everything off your bucket list during one trip. Imagine not having to say, "We'll do that next time".


3. Improve Your Language Skills.

I've found that exploring new places without the safety blanket of family and friends encourages you to brush up on your language skills. Travelling to a foreign country and expecting everyone to speak English is a little arrogant although I am sometimes guilty of this. I find when speaking to people in their own dialect they’re more helpful and friendly, (often helps when haggling and getting discounts on excursions 😉).

I remember once getting in a taxi with a non-English speaking driver in a country where I could barely speak the language. Rookie mistake.


4. Take A Break

A solo trip is always a nice way to rest and recharge. Spend some time focusing on your own wants and desires. Take time to move at your own pace. However, you definitely can't run away from your problems. They'll deffo get on the plane with you.


5. Get To Know Yourself

There's nothing like spending some time alone to think about what you really enjoy doing. Never in my life had I been to a restaurant alone, minus a certain famous food chain that sells chicken nuggets. I thought that was weird. Travelling taught me to either eat or starve. Maybe it's the fact that you're in new surroundings and no one knows you, but this is just one example of something I never thought I could do before travelling solo.


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